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  • Dynamic Experiments at Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Nuclear weapons energetic materials science, technology and engineering expertise since 1943

    A world leader in energetic materials research, development and applications, the Dynamic Experiments Center's unique capabilities enable a dynamic, flexible response to address multiple evolving mission needs.

    Dynamic Experiments (M) Division provides expertise in current and evolving explosive science and shock physics, as well as high explosive fabrication and disposition. The Division executes  large scale, outdoor hydrodynamic experiments. We support national security by characterizing and applying energetic materials, and by understanding material response at extreme conditions to address conventional, nuclear, and homeland defense needs.

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      M-3 Focused Experiments

      The Focused Experiments group (M-3), designs, fields, and executes energetic, hazardous, and complex system and sub-system experiments for the LANL Nuclear Weapons Program and Global Security Program.

    • M-6 Explosive Applications & Special Projects

      The Explosive Applications and Special Projects group (M-6) serves the Laboratory and nation by providing the knowledge base in high explosive testing for the Nuclear Weapons Program and other national security areas.

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      M-8 HE Fabrication & Disposition

      The High Explosives (HE) Fabrication and Disposition group (M-8) manufactures precision high explosives and mock components for a diverse research and development customer base to meet present and future national security needs in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.

    • M-9 Shock & Detonation Physics

      The Shock and Detonation Physics group (M-9) delivers precision data, advanced diagnostics, and high-fidelity models for dynamic properties of energetic and inert materials to Los Alamos National Laboratory and the nation.

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