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    Our science answers questions about the nature of the universe and delivers solutions for national security concerns.

    Our Vision: Leaders in experimental physics serving the national interest.

    Our Mission: We design, execute, and analyze experiments that challenge, improve, and validate our understanding of fundamental physics underpinning LANL's national security mission.

    Our Motto: Knowledge through experiment (Experiendo cognoscitur).

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      Lujan Neutron Scattering Center

      The Lujan Center is one of five user facilities supported by the LANSCE accelerator, which is stewarded by NNSA. Together these instruments provide capability for basic and applied neutron science relevant to academia, national security, and industry.

    • Proton Radiography (pRad)

      The proton radiography project uses 800 MeV protons from the LANSCE accelerator facility to diagnose dynamic experiments, such as explosive and powder gun experiments, and pulsed-power implosions. Dynamic experiments occur in the Line C Dome.

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      Ultracold Neutron Source (UCN)

      The LANSCE Ultracold Neutron (UCN) source is a unique facility that produces high energy spallation neutrons and uses solid deuterium to cool the neutrons by one million billion-fold.

    • Weapons Neutron Research (WNR) Facility

      The Weapons Neutron Research Facility (WNR) provides neutron and proton beams, and detector arrays for basic, applied, industrial, and defense-related research.

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