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  • Program Project Interface (PPI) division partners with ALDWP program offices and project execution stakeholders on capital and equipment projects.

    Program Project Interface (PPI) division has the responsibility to represent the interests of the Program Owner and ensure achievement of ALDWP program objectives through the success of capital and equipment projects by partnering with ALDWP program offices and the project execution stakeholders.

    The PPI Program Owner Representatives (POR) and supporting team play vital roles throughout the project lifecycle including TTO and Readiness and serve as the ALDWP voice on the Integrated Project Teams (IPT) to ensure successful execution and verification that all program requirements are met.

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    • PPI-1: Programmatic Management & Requirements

      PPI-1 establishes scope definition and requirements documentation for all projects interfacing with program offices and user organizations to support the development of ALDWP mission needs and enduring capabilities. For Major Item of Equipment (MIE) projects, PPI-1 provides Program Management and Program Owner representation throughout the project lifecycle. PPI-1 also manages the Program Management Working Board (PMWB) and the ALDWP Equipment Lifecycle Guide.

    • PPI-2: Line-Item Program Representation

      PPI-2 serves as the ALDWP Program Owner Representative (POR) in all Line Item projects, engaging with the program offices, end users and project execution teams to ensure objective oversight and coordination of execution and turnover. PPI-2 performs requirements verification throughout the project lifecycle. They also provide subject matter expert input on design reviews, project function, and integration as well as ensuring facilitation and integration between projects, program, and facility operations.

      PPI-2 Line-Item Program Representation
    • PPI-3: Transition to Operations/Readiness

      PPI-3 performs the functional management of Transition to Operation (TTO) and Readiness activities ensuring a safe and complete turnover from the project to the operating organization. TTO activities include development and implementation of Safety Management Programs, facility, and operations requirements with supporting objective evidence. Readiness activities include reviewing the new/changed activities to demonstrate the systems and staff are ready to operate resulting in operational acceptance of the project for normal operations.

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