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    We provide innovative, valued, and customer-focused support in the areas of facilities and operations management, deployed support resource management, integrated operational improvement initiatives, and performance assurance management.

    WFO executes the Laboratory mission at Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility (WETF, Haz Cat II Nuclear Facility), Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test (DARHT, an accelerator facility), high explosives (HE) sciences, firing sites, and detonator facilities.

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      The Dual-Axis Radiographic Hydrodynamic Test (DARHT) Facility is the premiere facility for accelerator operations in WFO, consisting of two high-energy, linear induction accelerator-based x-ray machines. These machines produce freeze-frame radiographs of mock weapons assemblies that implode at speeds greater than 10,000 miles an hour.

    • WFO High Explosives (WFO-HE)

      The WFO High Explosives (WFO-HE) portfolio comprises of over 100 high explosives development, testing and storage facilities. Some research and development activities within the WFO-HE portfolio include high explosive synthesis, formulation, characterization, radiography, large-scale production, and indoor and outdoor performance testing. This research directly contributes to national security interests.

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      Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility (WETF)

      The Weapons Engineering Tritium Facility (WETF) conducts research in support of the nation’s weapons stockpile modernization program. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that provides unique capabilities in support of that important mission. The team at WETF designs and tests tritium handling and delivery systems to further the nation’s understanding of these capabilities.