Cassini Featured Body   960x500
Los Alamos National Laboratory teams developed scientific sensors for NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. This illustration shows Cassini about to make one of its dives between Saturn and its innermost rings. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

ISR-3 group members represent a variety of backgrounds including computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, software development, system administration, and cyber security.  ISR-3 provides critical contributions to all phases of ISR’s scientific and national security missions including conception, development, testing, operations, and maintenance.

Focus Areas

Embedded and Flight Software

  • Embedded systems and flight software for ground, airborne, and space missions
  • Modular space payload hardware and software architectures
  • Advanced embedded networking technologies for space applications
  • Low-level driver implementation to support custom remote sensing hardware
  • Onboard command and control, data acquisition, and data processing

End User Systems and Operations

  • Integrated multi-sensor operator interfaces for ground, airborne, and space missions
  • Software tools and algorithms for real-time data interpretation
  • Ground support equipment for system development, validation and verification
  • Operational ground systems for command and control, data acquisition, and data distribution
  • Management and maintenance of deployed systems

Data Processing and Management

  • Data-centric standardization, automated processing pipelines, and secure archiving of data products
  • Cross-domain file transfer and integration of data exploitation methods into existing processing pipelines
  • Maintenance and operation of end-to-end modeling and simulation software framework
  • Interactive visualization of data through web applications
  • Software algorithms for operational ground systems

Computing Infrastructure, Integration, and Security

  • Design, sustain, and continually enhance computing environment as well as infrastructure
  • Adherence support to security requirements across multiple network classification levels
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to architect and maintain computing infrastructure
  • Ensure cybersecurity compliance while addressing mission and user requirements

Quality Assurance

  • Quality and information assurance standards definition and implementation
  • Evaluate and implement new tools and technologies to improve and modernize all focus areas