Isr 1 Featured Body   960x500
Artist’s view of the twin probes in the two donut-shaped regions of Earth’s magnetic field.

ISR-1 is composed of scientists and engineers with backgrounds in diverse areas such as Space Physics, Nuclear Physics, and Plasma Physics. They are engaged in pioneering science missions, developing sensors and systems to detect nuclear emissions and measure natural and man-made radiation. By providing satellite-borne gamma-ray, x-ray, and neutron detectors to the U.S. government, ISR-1 supports monitoring of the atmosphere and near-Earth space for nuclear detonations. 

Focus Areas

Space and Planetary Science

  • Magnetospheric physics
  • Planetary exploration
  • Gamma-ray astrophysics
  • Space situational awareness
  • Solar-terrestrial interactions

Nuclear Nonproliferation and Program Development

  • Space-based and ground-based nonproliferation
  • Space physics, astrophysics, and planetary sciences
  • Space situational awareness
  • Nuclear physics and material science

Mission Concept Design, Delivery, and Support

  • Engineering design and fabrication
  • Ground system support
  • On-orbit operations
  • Spacecraft integration