Snowshot Gif
Explosion in falling snow viewed with high speed video shows a shock wave moving through air with snow moving behind the shock acting as tracer particles.

The Shock and Detonation Physics Group (M-9) is part of the Dynamic Experiments Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Our group of ~40 consists of PhD scientists, research technologists and technicians, engineers, postdocs, students, professional and administrative staff.

We are committed to integrating experimental results, research, diagnostics, and models to produce innovative answers to current and future shock and detonation physics problems in service to the Nation.  The group has five teams with a broad range of research interests: Shock Physics, Shock Initiation and Chemistry, Detonation Physics, Detonation Modeling, and Static High Pressure. Our research ranges from fundamental foundational science to applied work solving problems important to LANL's weapons and global security programs.