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  • The Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) Division is the intellectual home of geosciences, atmosphere, hydrology and ecology disciplines at the Laboratory.

    We provide multidisciplinary Earth science solutions to complex problems in global security, sustainable energy, and climate and environmental change.

    Our innovative solutions harness theoretical, experimental and computational expertise empowered by world-class technology. We maintain on-site and deploy globally cutting-edge laboratories to research Earth system impacts and emerging threats. We provide critical assessments and knowledge to support national security missions and decisions.

    • National Security Earth Science

      We develop geophysical techniques to probe the solid earth and use near-real-time science to enable actionable decision-making for the national security mission.

    • Climate, Ecology, and Environment

      We collect high-value data from observation, experiment and analytical measurements to inform process modeling, climate and environmental mitigation and provide resilience strategies to support national security.

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    • Energy and Natural Resources Security

      We develop and apply a range of high-performance computational methods, rock mechanics experiments and geochemical analyses to solve challenges related to energy, wildfires, and safely and securely storing underground nuclear waste storage.

    Sound Solutions

    We deploy cutting-edge laboratories and scientific teams globally to research and inform decision makers about Earth system impacts and emerging threats.

    Ways we secure a better world

    Our diverse researchers tackle nuclear threat detection; carbon-neutral energy security; and atmospheric, ecological and hydrological systems’ responses to disturbances and climate change. Some of the expertise and results we provide to tackle challenges of national importance include:

    • AI and machine learning methods and analytics.
    • High performance and supercomputing. 
    • Advanced seismic imaging and interpretation.
    • Nonlinear acoustics, signal modeling and analysis.
    • Subsurface fluid flow and geochemistry characterization.
    • Reactive species transport modeling and prediction.
    • Smoke and atmospheric species transport modeling.
    • Aerosol measurement and analytical characterization.
    • Predict and model wildland and urban fire behavior.
    • Understand nuclear and Rare Earth Elements and materials.
    • Model, detect and fuse evidence of underground nuclear explosions and threat. 
    • Provide carbon-neutral energy solutions for geothermal, hydrocarbons, carbon sequestration, hydrogen and nuclear waste repository systems.
    • Reveal climate change drivers, ecosystem and societal impacts.
    Headshot of Julianna Fessenden

    Julianna Fessenden

    Acting Division Leader

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    Jeff Heikoop

    Acting Deputy Division Leader

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    Chris Clarkson

    Staff Operations Manager


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