The Lagrangian Codes group produces software for the LANL national security mission and the broader scientific community. We work closely with our user communities, physics modeling communities, and various verification and validation efforts to continuously improve capabilities, software quality, and our application space.  The group supports two multi-physics production software development efforts which model many different physics capabilities and model them in the Lagrangian reference frame with Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian (ALE) methods.  The more established software development effort, call FLAG, has nearly thirty years of development and is heavily used by the LANL user community. A new production software effort, called Moya, has been started recently and is focused on building a multi-physics code for easy porting to future architectures such as GPU computers.

We are funded by many national security and national science programs. We measure our success by our corporate knowledge, effectiveness in addressing stakeholder issues, and our ability to recruit, develop, and maintain our technical staff.