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    Providing leadership in the Laboratory’s core capability of accelerators and electrodynamics

    Accelerator Operations and Technology (AOT) Division provides leadership in the Laboratory’s core capability of Accelerators and Electrodynamics (A&E), which drives a wide range of Los Alamos mission-relevant portfolios.

    A&E enables charged particle acceleration through controlled utilization of electromagnetic fields, supporting national security missions involving radiographic imaging, remote measurements of electromagnetic signatures, sources of directed energy (for probes and defeat), and development of new capabilities such as radiation therapy and irradiation/sterilization of materials while furthering fundamental research in supporting key technologies.

    In particular, AOT operates the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center (LANSCE) proton accelerator complex and conducts applied R&D in accelerator-focused technologies as they apply to free electron lasers, national security science programs, and future accelerator missions.


    AOT Division provides operations and related support for LANSCE, conducting fundamental and applied research and development needed to improve its operations support efforts.

    AOT's R&D efforts include:

    • Plasma physics, ion beam generation
    • Accelerator physics
    • Linear-accelerator-structure engineering, design
    • High-space-charge proton-accumulator/compressor-ring physics
    • Beam-transport-lattice physics, engineering
    • Particle-beam-diagnostics physics, engineering
    • High- and low-power-radio-frequency-system engineering
    • High-voltage and -current, pulsed-power engineering
    • Magnet-power-system engineering
    • Mechanical engineering, design (e.g., precision alignment technology)
    • High-vacuum engineering, technology
    • Analog, digital control systems engineering and in technology based on the experimental physics and industrial control system (EPICS)

    Conduct of operations

    A vital key to AOT’s successful performance is our disciplined conduct of operations. Operations personnel undergo a rigorous technical and operational training program to ensure the highest standards of operational performance are met.

    Advancing Accelerator Science

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