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    We enable U.S. Government capabilities to understand and deter adversaries, and promote global stability in the national interest

    Analytics, Intelligence, and Technology ( A Division) aims to assess, prepare for and respond to potentially catastrophic nuclear, chemical, biological, cyber and natural threats.  We merge all-source intelligence on national security threats with cross-domain systems modeling and information synthesis and communication tools, to enable technology development and application in the national interest.

    Key Capabilities

    • Analysis and assessment of foreign or improvised nuclear weapon technologies
    • Development of defeat technologies for nuclear explosives
    • Modeling, simulation and assessment of threats to critical infrastructure
    • Excellence in data analytics, to include cyber domain threat characterization and mitigation
    • Excellence in sensor design, electromagnetic environment dominance
    • Analysis of foreign nuclear weapon program execution and security
    • Analysis of export commodities for proliferation risk
    • Tracking and analysis of nuclear material and proliferation pathways
    • Employment of reverse-engineering and rapid prototyping techniques

    Meet Your Future Colleagues

    Explore the profiles of brilliant minds advancing intelligence technology at LANL.

    • A-1: Information Systems & Modeling

      We provide information and systems modeling to support national leaders responsible for making decisions when threats occur and to assist them in mitigating threats before they occur.

    • A-2: Intelligence & Systems Analysis

      We provide analytic products to a broad range of customers in support of national security. Our employees have a diverse range of educational and career experience, including weapons physics and engineering, emerging threats science and technology, materials science, forensic chemistry, imagery analysis, operations research, national and international policy, statistics, and economics.

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    • A-3: Technology Applications

      We innovate and deploy cutting-edge technical solutions in response to emerging global security threats.

    • A-4: Advanced Research in Cyber Systems

      We solve hard problems in multiple research areas and their intersections – including global and national security, artificial intelligence, persistent cyber threats, and critical infrastructure.

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    • A-5: Complex Response Solutions

      We specialize in rapid prototyping, designing/building/evaluating and delivering tools and trainers, and the development of novel safing technologies. The Group integrates across the Laboratory and teams externally to provide world-changing solutions directly to the field for our customers and sponsors.

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