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  • How we do our work is as important as what we do

    The dedicated individuals who comprise the vast Operations team strive to enable mission success and execute sustained operations that are reliable and responsive to mission needs.

    Operations is made up of five Associate Laboratory Directorates, and two Offices, including: Business Management; Infrastructure and Capital Projects; Facilities & Operations; Environment, Safety, Health and Quality; Defense Protection Program; Mission Assurance & Prime Contracts Office and Human Resources.

    Kelly Beierschmitt

    Deputy Laboratory Director For Mission Operations

    • Business Management

      The Business Management Directorate drives seamless solutions with timely, technology-driven, performance based results — utilizing the imagination, creativity, superior service, pride, and talent of great people.

    • Defense Protection Program

      The Defense Protection Program provides leadership, strategic integration of services and support to ensure the Lab and its workforce are safe, secure and able to effectively mitigate and respond to emergencies.

      Defense Protection   Featured
    • Environment, Safety, Health and Quality

      We provide mission-enabling services by protecting people, resources and the environment.

    • Facilities and Operations

      The dedicated individuals who make up the Facilities and Operations team ensure that all LANL facilities are available for the Lab's mission objectives. The directorate is comprised of three assigned Facility Operations Directors and seven divisions.

      Facilities Featured
    • Infrastructure and Capital Projects

      The Infrastructure and Capital Projects Directorate delivers projects that enable mission success. Four divisions within the Directorate are multi-talented team members who support all aspects of capital and line-item projects that align with the Laboratory's national security mission.

    • Work Planning and Control Project Hub

      Integrating safety, security, and environmental requirements into work planning and execution.

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    Lab Agenda

    We seek to enhance transparency and distribute decision making within LANL and in partnership with the NNSA, DOD, Congress, and other institutions central to our mission.