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About the Chemistry Division 

Chemistry Division has historic origins, born out of the Manhattan Project in 1943 as one of the four original divisions at Los Alamos’ Project Y. Over the decades, the division has grown to encompass five groups — Actinide Analytical Chemistry; Chemical Diagnostics & Engineering; Inorganic, Isotope, and Actinide Chemistry; Nuclear and Radiochemistry; and Physical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy.

Together, the division provides world-class capabilities in chemical analysis and certification, isotope science and production, synthetic and mechanistic chemistry, spectroscopy and detection science, data analysis and modeling, the chemistry of actinides and radionuclides, and the chemistry of materials.

Our capabilities and contributions are part of what makes the Department of Energy a science, technology, and engineering powerhouse for the nation.  The Chemistry Division has several employment opportunities available to support this mission at all levels.

As part of our chemistry team, you'll enjoy an excellent benefits package, as well as an extraordinary life in Northern New Mexico. We offer a generous relocation package.