AOT-RFE is responsible for the RF systems that power the LANSCE accelerator, including equipment upgrades and day-to-day operations. The RF systems include the high-power RF generators and supporting equipment: high voltage systems, RF transmitters, fast feedback/feed-forward control systems, and RF transport systems. AOT-RFE also has an extensive experience base in the areas of RF system engineering and RF system design and development having delivered a 96 socket RF system for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) accelerator, the very high average power continuous wave RF systems for the Accelerator Production of Tritium demonstration accelerator, and having just completed a major upgrade to the LANSCE accelerator RF systems.

The RF engineering group also is responsible for the LANSCE pulsed-power systems, which are used to rapidly switch or "kick" the LANSCE proton beams through different beamlines. AOT-RFE also supports R&D as applied to RF systems, power conditioning, pulsed power, and feedback control systems. This work supports other accelerators, military applications, and commercial uses.

AOT-RFE is responsible for the magnet power supply (MPS) systems that provide very stable direct-current power to the LANSCE beamline steering, focusing and bending magnets. LANSCE utilizes more than 500 separate MPS systems ranging in output power from 400 watts to 780,000 watts.


  • Radio-frequency (RF) systems
  • Pulsed-power systems
  • Magnet-power supply systems
  • LANSCE accelerator, including upgrades and operation