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  • A culture of excellence through production and research to promote world stability and national security.

    We keep safety and security at the forefront of our process of pit production, from pit disassembly to quality assurance.

    PT is seeking people with these critical skillsets, and more: 

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    • Metal Production (PT-1)

      We provide our nation with plutonium production, processing, and research in support of pit manufacturing, surveillance, and national security missions.

    • Plutonium Machining (PT-2)

      We are responsible for machining plutonium parts, focusing on pit production, surveillance, and tooling.

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    • Assembly Group (PT-3)

      We are responsible for assembly of sub-critical experiments, science campaigns, and global security efforts.

    • Foundry Operations (PT-4)

      We support pit manufacturing through processes that reshape plutonium for machining.

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    • Product Engineering & Product Support (PT-5)

      We provide a variety of services for plutonium programs, from pit production to manufacturing, through pit surveillance, subcrtical experiments, and quality assurance.

    • Technical Support (PT-6)

      We provide technical and project management expertise to aid in the transition from manufacturing development pits to pit production.

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