Our Magnets

100 Tesla Multi-Shot Magnet

The Pulsed Field Facility has the world’s only scientific program that has delivered scientific results in non-destructive magnetic fields up to and exceeding 100 tesla.

65 Tesla Multi-Shot Magnet

Our most widely used magnet system for users, the Pulsed Field Facility provides approximately 6,000 pulses each year in four separate user cells. 

300 Tesla Single-Turn Magnet

This magnet is capable of producing a field in excess of 300 tesla and is proven to leave the sample probe intact in fields up to 240 tesla. This is currently the NHMFL's highest magnetic field generating capability and requires specialized technique development and sample preparation due to the rapidly changing field. 

60 Tesla Controlled Waveform Magnet

This magnet is currently a world-unique capability that allows the user to specify the magnetic field profile optimized for the investigation of physics in very high magnetic fields. 

Pulsed Field Measurement Techniques

AC Electrical Conductivity in Pulsed Fields

Contactless Conductivity in Pulsed Fields

Dielectric Measurements in Pulsed Fields

Fiber Bragg Dilatometry in Pulsed Fields

Heat Capacity in Pulsed Fields

High Current and Jc/Jan in Pulsed Fields

High Pressure in Pulsed Fields

Torque Magnetometry in Pulsed Fields

Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy in Pulsed Fields

UV/Visible/NIR Optical Spectroscopy in Pulsed Fields