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    Minimizing Fire-related risks

    The Fire Protection (FP) Office serves Los Alamos National Laboratory, Department of Energy (DOE)/National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) and the surrounding community by providing fire protection engineering and program services to minimize fire-related risks.

    The FP Office is the Laboratory’s central fire protection engineering and program support entity responsible for providing institutional technical direction and support for the Laboratory’s nuclear and non-nuclear facilities and programs.

    The FP Office serves as LANL's authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) for fire protection-related codes, standards and recommended practices (e.g., National Fire Protection Association).

    Fire Protection Across The Lab

    • Engineering Facility Services

      The Engineering Facility Services team assists in guiding the facility operations director (FOD) and project team members through the complicated web of requirements from DOE orders and standards, International Building Code (IBC), International Fire Code (IFC), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes and standards, and LANL policies and procedures.

    • Engineering Program Services

      The Engineering - Program Services team directly supports the implementation of Los Alamos National Laboratory Fire Protection Program elements. Typically, this includes documentation, evaluations, and assessments.

      Program Services Ext Landing
    • Fire Alarm System Operations

      The Fire Alarm Systems Operations team assists fire protection maintenance electricians in troubleshooting and repairing impaired fire alarm systems.

    • Facility Inspection & Deficiency Management

      The Facility Inspection & Deficiency Management team assists with walking down existing fire protection and life safety deficiencies with building contacts correct and close deficiencies.

      Facility Inspection
    • Los Alamos Fire Department Program

      The Los Alamos Fire Department Program team assists in nonemergency requests and liaison services for Los Alamos Fire Department services covered in the DOE/NNSA-Los Alamos County Cooperative Agreement.

    • Business Operations

      The business operations manager optimizes and coordinates the Fire Protection Office’s workflow processes including the customer-focused fire protection service request system, develops and delivers contracts, and administers the budget. The business operations manager also leads the group’s administrative activities and supports the group leader and deputy group leader.

      Business Operations Ext Landing
    • LANL Fire Marshal

      The fire protection authority having jurisdiction (fire AHJ or fire marshal) ensures the safety of the public, workers, environment, and property by verifying fire safety requirements—including regulations, codes, standards, and best practices— are implemented at Los Alamos National Laboratory via the Fire Protection Program. The fire AHJ works closely with federal oversight and the Fire Protection (FP) Office to ensure fire safety is properly included in all areas of design, construction, and operations at LANL.

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    Fire Protection Office Team

    Headshot of Joseph Candelaria

    Joseph Candelaria

    FPO Group Leader

    Headshot of Keenan Dotson

    Keenan Dotson

    Deputy Group Leader

    Headshot of Jason Kemp

    Jason Kemp

    LANL Fire Marshal

    Headshot of Tammy Dominguez

    Tammy Dominguez

    Business Operations Manager

    Headshot of Elisa Baker

    Elisa Baker


    Headshot of Danielle Garcia

    Danielle Garcia


    Headshot of James Clines

    James Clines


    Headshot of Dennis Martinez

    Dennis Martinez


    Headshot of Tanya Cordova

    Tanya Cordova

    Operations Specialist

    Headshot of Clorinda Leyba

    Clorinda Leyba

    Administrative Assistant

    Headshot of LeeAnn Salazar

    LeeAnn Salazar

    Administrative Assistant

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