We are a diverse group of scientists exploring research that models waves through the earth and atmosphere, detects and describes signals associated with various types of sources, advances the understanding of signal sources. Goals include improved event location, detection of signals from smaller sources, better discrimination between earthquake and explosive sources, and improved yield estimation. 

To support our research, we develop and maintain an extensive seismic and acoustic database comprised of waveforms and event data, merging local, regional, and teleseismic network assets across the globe. This research is in support of United States treaty/explosion monitoring.


  • Increasingly, seismic and infrasound data are combined with additional datasets in Multi-Phenomenology Explosion Monitoring (MultiPEM); MultiPEM contributes to the enduring US treaty/explosion monitoring mission and, importantly, 
    lends itself to the discovery of the “art of the possible” for future treaty/explosion monitoring capabilities.
  • Ground-Based Nuclear Detonation Detection (DOE).
  • Source Physics Experiment (DOE).
  • Underground Nuclear Explosion Signatures Experiment (DOE).