Ees   Earth System Observations   Feature


  • Climate change and impacts to ecosystems, landscapes, and hydrology.
  • Geological carbon capture, use and storage.
  • Radionuclide flow and transport, and material behavior at geologic conditions.
  • Waste forms and used nuclear fuel disposition.


  • Atmospheric, climate, and ecosystem science.
  • Geology, geochemistry, and geomaterials.
  • International field instrument deployments and operations.
  • Radio-geochemistry.


  • Actinide environmental chemistry.
  • Advancing nuclear fuels.
  • Cleaner, greener, and more efficient biofuels and hydrocarbon resources, extraction.
  • Climate and atmospheric research: many global research campaigns.
  • Climate change and its effects on forest systems.
  • Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty support and field exercises.
  • Contamination fate and transport and environmental remediation.
  • Determining and detecting signatures of underground nuclear testing, forensics.
  • Multiphase subsurface fluid flow research.
  • New approaches to carbon capture: utilization and storage.
  • Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment: examines Arctic permafrost degradation.
  • Radiologic waste disposal and repository science.
  • Developing, deploying Unmanned Aerial Systems.